Monika Nendaka is the founder and creative director of the brand Monika NDK with a speciality in evening wear.

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Monika Nendaka is the creative director and founder of the brand Monika NDK launched in 2019.

She is taking her first steps toward a world of fashion embracing the beauty of diversity.

Her multicultural upbringing inspired her to spread awareness about the importance of equal representations in our society. 

Originally from Congo,she was born and grew up in Belgium and lives in Italy since 2016.

Back in the 80’s she had to face the lack of diversity and inclusivity at a very young age.

Like many little girls she loved to play with her dolls and was in total admiration of all the Disney princesses.

But she quickly became self aware that her role models didn’t look like her and this took a big toll on her self esteem.

Her experience and those of every person who’s ever been made to feel less than because they didn’t fit into society’s definition of “beautiful” are a powerful reminder of why representation of every form of beauty is so important. 

Our beauty lies in our differences, and nobody should be made to feel that their uniqueness is something to be ashamed of. 

Through her collection she wants to show that our world is full of colors and shapes that’s need to be seen.